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99Sounds releases freebie Punchlibrary

99Sounds releases freebie Punchlibrary

Punching Percussion is a free collection of punches, impacts and fight sound effects crafted by Joshua Crispin, who is also the author of the popular free Cinematic Sound Effects sound pack.

The free sound collection features a set of raw fist punch and stick hit recordings which have been post-processed into fat sounding slams and punches, body hits, fight sounds and modern cinematic impacts. Not only do they work great as fighting sound effects but they are also useful as straight-up percussive hits and impact sounds for music production purposes.

Each folder contains two subfolders – one for the organic raw sounds and one for the post-processed hits. The raw sounds were made by punching a boxing bag with a straight hand and a boxing glove, as well as hitting it with a stick and dropping it on the floor. The processed hits go one step further, turning these awesome sounding raw hits and punches into production-ready sound effects and percussive sounds.

So how do we rate it?
Well, it needs to be said; the samples are nicely editted; no noise, clean starts of the samples and not as compressed as one would expect. It sure is nice that all the raw material is available also so you can make you own variation on what a hit must sound like.

The sounddesigned folder gives you a headstart on creating more experimental stuff. It really makes you wanna grab all your fx plugins.

There is a fairly big difference between the raw and the processed sounds eq-wise. It gives you a nice insight on how they’ve probably processed the original sound, great info there when you listen closely.

All the hits on a boxing bag deliver a somewhat similar sound in a way; it would have been nice to have some other ‘receiving objects’ as well. But hey, it’s a freebie! Great stuff, kick some….

Technical Details
Punching Percussion contains 105 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format. The included sounds are categorized into six subfolders for easier browsing. Download size is 14.3 MB (the download is provided as a ZIP archive).

Product: Free Fight Sounds

Price: Free

Size: 105 samples – 14.3 Mb

Link: 99Sounds


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