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Avid announces ProTools 12

Avid announces ProTools 12

Avid announces a their new version of ProTools 12. Their “new” killerfeature is cloud storage to access your project from just about anywhere, provided you have a good enough internet connection.

Also new is their licensing plan. It is now possible to ‘rent’ ProTools and get all the updates ‘for free’. License options are annual or monthly. You can still purchase and own the software or buy it in combination of selected hardware like Duet, Quartet, Mbox or ElevenRack.

You can get hold off a free version of ProTools 12 special for the beginning musicians. Athough be it a pretty crippled version; a maximum of sixteen audio tracks,  sixteen midi channels and a maximum of three projects. But, great for getting a feel of how ProTools works.

Is this really worth to get hold of or does their new licensing plan make you grab to other DAWs? Let us know!

cons: No surround mixing possible for native users, a maximum of 96 simultaneous audio tracks and a maximum of 32 inputs. Still no VCA support in the native version. Licensing might not appeal to all existing users.

pros: A free version, just so you can give it a try


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