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Fix the ‘Save as Template’ dialog in Cubase

Fix the ‘Save as Template’ dialog in Cubase

Generally an update gives you more functionality and less errors than before. But not always. Since a few updates of Cubase 8 some people cannot save their templates any longer. Although they can open the previously made ones, creating a new template is a no-go.

When you select the ‘Save as Template’-item, a new dialog will appear showing you the currently available templates; this gives you the ability to replace or update a template or create a new one.


If this functionality is broken after your update no templates will appear at all. Trying to create a new one is of no use because you cannot recall them later either.

The solution to fix this: delete your Default.xml file in the Preferences folder of your Cubase/Nuendo.

  • Go to “*Your Username*/Library/Preferences” and locate the folder which is named the same as your Cubase/Nuendo version.
  • You’ll probably will not see the ‘Library’ folder when your using OS X 10.7 or higher but this is easily fixed; in the menu bar of Mac OS X click on “Go”. While the menu is folded out holding down the [ alt ] key (options) will show the “Library” entry.
  • Now look for the file “Default.xml” and delete it. Don’t worry, it will be created again after you shut down Cubase or Nuendo the next time.



At the start of Cubase or Nuendo it will probably ask for which audio driver to use. Some visual rearrangements might be needed as well as remote mappings, but your templates are up and running again!

Happy music making!

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