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Routing the neck on CNC machine

Routing the neck on CNC machine

This time I created the neck that goes with the fretboard of my last article.

It took a while to make it because there were a few minor adjusments needed in the finale drawing of Fusion 360. For example the holes for the tuners were not the correct diameter and the slot for the trussrod was not quite there yet.

Therefor I also had to make a few changes in the CAM-process of it all. But after that was all done, I decided it was time to finally really make it.

During the machining I noticed that the Facing process takes to large steps to effectively remove the first layer of material. It left small strips of material which were annoying to cleanup during machining. So note to self: do take smaller stepovers than 5.7mm (the bitdiameter is 6mm).

You can leave a comment and watch the video I made on YouTube.

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