This is your moment of truth, an online confirmation of your superhearingpowers. Try to anwer to the best of your ability and test your audio knowledge and hearing. And before you know it, you’ll be a master of the AudioHotshot-galaxy…

But hold on: this test is just for fun and no prizes can be won. No ads or spam will be sent, you will not be mentioned in my will, it’s just a boost for your confidence within reach in just a few clicks. Also, it is not said that every question is as easy as it looks, it could be that it is just to show how you are fooled by your own ears!

In the end you’ll get an overall score which, hopefully, will tell you that you are a true AudioHotshot!

So, as this test is an experiment, I will publish the overall scores categorized by country. Not ever will your emailadress or score be published without you being notified. There might just be a surprising outcome while the database of scores is growing!

Just a quick tip: the audio clips are short, however, if you continue to the next question while the current audioclip is still active it will play until the end is reached. Feel free to share and like! Have fun and see you on the other side…

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