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Building a Neve 33609 compressor/limiter

Building a Neve 33609 compressor/limiter

I’ve been making time for this project for ages now. But there has been just a thousand projects in the mean time which had to be finished first. 😉 So, after building my GSSL, which is awesome, it’s now time for this monster. A Neve 33609 compressor limiter.

I’ve been working with the real deal for years and totally like the sweet and transparent sound of it. It’s just one of those pieces of gear that you absolutely can’t live without once you’ve used it.


Neve realdeal

Years ago I ordered this DIY-kit after reading all of this. It’s kind of strange to transfer an amount of money abroad and receive a package a few weeks later (from what I recall, a different country than where I transferred the money to). But what I’ve received was absolutely beyond my imagination.

This DIY kit is clearly well thought-out and cleanly built as much as you could wish for. Ofcourse, I have to provide the electronics, but the kit gives you the casing and all the PCBs, solid material with materialprints on it.

neve33609 pcbs

And, now, holidays are in sight, so with that in mind, it’s time to get myself ready for some heavy soldering and carefully buying my parts. The bill of materials is long, and there are a few special parts that need some extra attention, mind the trannies…

So bear with me: hopefully this project will be ready in a few months. 😉

The casing was a breeze…. 🙂


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