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Comparing Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Comparing Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Having a hard time to decide which one you’ll be using for your next project? Check out this vid, it compares the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Both have their pros┬ábut also their cons.

I tend to work with Atmels and Arduinos for small standalone applications or for translating protocols to something my computer would understand. Also I like programming in C++ and working with ECLIPSE as an editor/compiler.

The Raspberry Pi is brilliant if it comes to having a ful interface on a screen, usb keyboards, networks, audio and all that combined. It only needs a massive creative brain to be programmed. And that’s where linux comes in handy. It’s got serveral programming tools to get you going, mostly Python and C++.

For connectivity options both suit well, though. Have look at the vid and tell me what you think!

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