I received a question from Alexander for drawing a tilted headstock. So I thought: why not do a video on 3 different styles of headstock and how to connect them to a guitar neck.

The shape of the headstock is just for demo-purposes, I’m sure you can come up with much better shapes. This video is about connecting it as smooth as possible to a guitar neck.

When using the fillet function to shape the headstock, do not make it a to wide curve. This makes it harder to connect the headstock to the neck later on. Stay in the ranges of 40/45 mm.

If you are making a tilted/10 degree headstock, make sure when you pull the neck into the headstock to use New Offset for Offset type. If you do not, the headstock will start moving when pulling the neck out, which gives unexpected results.

Hope the video helps you along! Enjoy!

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