Here you’ll find a collection of sound recorded at various locations and for different uses. You’ll find anything from roomtones to contactmics, tumbling cars to kontakt instruments. The library will grow as time passes on. (Take special note of the new years collection, though)

The AudioHotshot Collection

All sounds have been recorded at 24 bits and 44.1kHz. Quite a lot them are even in 4 channel surround. All sounds are freely available for as long as my ISP won’t complain. But please, respect the time and effort invested, gear bought, editted afterwards, putting them online,in short: credit the creator if used in commercial products. (Creative Commons applicable here..)


SOUNDPACK #1 Switches


Who doesn’t need a change? Now you can, with this soundpack, switch on and off. All recorded from lights to coffeemachines. Size: 488kB

SOUNDPACK #2 Kidstoys


Some toys have batteries. And if they do it’s fun to record these sounds. Why? These sounds often are heavily compressed in size and sound awful when played back. But that’s exactly why I recorded them; they are so bad, you gotta love ’em! Size:52 MB

SOUNDPACK #3 2012 edition


This soundpack contains the fireworks going on at exactly midnight at january 1st 2011-2012. Have fun looking back on that night! Size: 210 MB

SOUNDPACK #4 Surround


This pack contains 2 surround recording. One from the earlier heard new year (soundpack#3) and one recorded at a citybay. This bay is located in Amsterdam, at Muziekgebouw aan het IJ. Fairly windy, calm water hitting the sides of the steel terrace. Size: 738 MB



There is no prettier event at night than new years eve. So here are the recordings of 2 years. Not only in stereo, so you can use these almost anywhere, but also in surround! Have fun! Size: 916 MB

SOUNDPACK #6 Tumbling toys


For my sounddesign projects I took all the cars from my sons and put them in a container. Then the fun part came, tilting the box so they would hit the floor. Not one recording is the same as the other. But then, wait, I see building blocks… son? Size: 9 MB

SOUNDPACK #7 Feeling lucky


Anything from low resonating light covers, to running toilets. Oh. And anything in between of course. Size: 96 MB



Play the cajun by hand. Sort of. Size: 4 MBCajunpreview



Play this nice little instrument and enjoy its overtones. Size: 4 MBWoodboardpreview



Complete library from Casio SA-1 library, a whopping 3.68Gb!