I made a video to show you how I draw a guitar in Fusion360. I made it because I could not find a video online which showed me all the basic things you need to get started. Little funfact: This video is shot in realtime, and as it turns out, you can draw a complete guitar in somewhat over 41 minutes! (Speed is not goal though…)

This drawing can then be used to go through a CAM proces to generate GCODE for my CNC machine.

I made these little helpers to help me remember the dimension of the pickups and tremolo (in my case a Wilkinson trem). A while back I made a testpiece which was meant to hold the pickups and trem, and so that functioned as a template for this guitar as well.

There are a few dimensions that are good to prepare before you get started. I used this little list to help me get the drawing right.
Let me sum up some of them:

Scalelength: In my case I chose for 635mm.
Body thickness = 43mm
Fretboardheight = 5mm
Fret 0 width  = 43 mm wide
Fret 0 (neckheight – fretboardheight)= 14 mm height
Fret 12 width = 49 mm wide
Fret 12 (neckheight – fretboardheight) = 19 mm height
Fret 12 position = scalelength / 2

Fretboard length = scalelength * (3/4) + 5mm (my fretboard holds 24 frets + 5mm for holding the last fret)

Neckheight @neckjointposition = 25mm
Necklength = fretboard length + 5mm @headstockside
necktop 3mm higher than top of body

Fretboard radius = 200 mm (diameter 400mm)

Headstock length = 185mm
Headstock thickness = 15mm
Headstock height difference with neck= 5mm

Trussrod width = 6 mm
Trussrod depth = 9 depth
Trussrod length = 450 mm
Trussrod hole = 5mm height

Tuner hole diameter = 10mm
Tuner distance between centers = 23 mm
Tuner distance to the side of the headstock = 8 mm

Pickup depth = 15mm
Tremolo dowel depth = 19mm
Tremolo spring depth = 15mm

Hopefully these things will help you as well! (be sure to check out the Fret Generator plugin)

Have fun drawing!

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