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ELMA switches have arrived!

ELMA switches have arrived!

To get as close to the original design of the Neve 33609 as I possibly can, I chose to use original threshold and gain switches. The type that is used is ELMA 04-1130.

But after a long search across the internet, mailing with several shops, it seemed that the wanted switch is no longer manufactured. So, all is not lost, I contacted ELMA directly.

And, indeed, the 04-1130 is no longer in production. To bad, now my model will miss the original switch. BUT, the replacement is 04-1133. Well, that’s the upside of the story! Get me 4 of those here, now!

But then the downside (sort of at least); you need to buy 10(!). Okay.

So now I’ve spent a lot of money for just 4 switches and 6 spares 🙂 But boy, am I glad I’ve got the original ones!

They arrived in a carton box, containing plastic chips, which holds a plastic airvacuum sealed bag, which in turn carries a box that is closed with a carton lid. After removing the wraps and carefully opening the plastic bag and removing the carton lid, there they are… all shiny and new. Waiting to be installed in their new home. The ELMA 04-1130-20.

Life is good.

Now the waiting game has started for the meters from Sifam (also nearly out of production nowadays).


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