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My DIY GSSL compressor

My DIY GSSL compressor

This puppy was made in 2009. Still going strong, I might add. It’s a nice piece of work. It sounds brilliant! If you put audio at the inputs and no compression is done yet, you can feel the ‘silk’ screen going over it. Nice!

It was not hard to build but it did take some time to get all the parts together.

Probably the most expensived part: the PPM meter. About 100 euros at the time. Well, I got what I wanted though, a nice looking meter.

The frontpanel was designed in software which I downloaded from the manufacturers site: Schaeffer AG.

I took the liberty of adding a sidechain filter, that’s the part on the right side inside the compressor. Also it needed a real bypass with relays and a nicely lit button.

All in all; if you’re looking for a good simple design compressor to DIY, make a GSSL from Gyraf.

More info on this here and for questions on my version; let me know!

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