On my GitHub (link)you can now find a free MIDI to Excel converter.

It works pretty straightforward; you open up the .XLSm file and allow Excel to use macros. Then you push the big START button, load up the .midi file and lean back.

While the macro is doing it’s job, you are presented with an empty screen. It should take about 10 seconds upto 1 minute, depending on the size of the midi file ofcourse.

The XLS sheet shows you timestamp of the events, the ticks in midiclocks, the deltatiming (time between each event) and so on.

All is meant for educational and research use. I created the macro for a masterstudent of mine; he’s doing a thorough research on timing while playing drums. He could use an easy way of getting his data of his recording to excel. He now can record the drums, set the hitpoints for each hit automatically and export the midifile. Then he opens up this XLS with the macro and loads up the midifile. Voila!

The macro captures:

META related:

  • Timing
  • Division
  • Tracknames
  • Tracklength
  • TEXT information
  • File format

MIDI related:

  • Note on/off
  • Sysex
  • Aftertouch (poly and channel)
  • Pitchbend
  • Control Changes
  • Programchanges
  • Text

It’s pretty stable but could be somewhat shaky when some ‘foreign’ codes pass along. So play nice and use it for what it was intended for.

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