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IR: impulse recorded of newly build studio room

IR: impulse recorded of newly build studio room

This newly build room is build to house the studio. After making an isolated ceiling and getting rid of all the stuff that was blocking the way for the new carpet, I found it to have a nice reverb! Quickly I got my spare gear to make an IR of it.

big impulse studio


A micstand with 2 km84s in ORTF position are the basis for this recording. Also a little bench (thanks son!) served as a workarea. My Protools was running at 96kHz; downsampling can be done later was my consideration.

Also, for testing purposes, I got my handy Zoom H2n out to record the startgun. Turned the gain down to zero, hoping to record the nice first transient without any distortion.

After getting my startergun out, it was time to press the record button. It took about 2 test shots to set the levels right. The 1st shot was recorded with the ORTF just off center in the room. The second shot the ORFT was placed nearly against the back wall.

I’ve tried to line up the Neumann and the Zoom recording in ProTools. It turned out that the Zoom recorder just could not handle the loud bang because the internal preamp can’t be turned down enough and so the first transient distorts in the internal preamp. So I’ve turned the clip gain of the Zoom recording -18dB (!) and put them side to side. It clearly shows that in this case, it looks as though the zoom has recorded the first transient as loud as the rest of the waveform. The preamp of the zoom cannot be any softer and in this case it just blew my recording. Maybe, that’s a test for next time, the next IR will record correctly when there’s more distance between the startergun and the Zoom.

Neumann vs Zoom

As expected the recordings of the ProTools sessions turned out fine. The Zoom recording turned out not quite what I wanted. Not a real surprise though, but still, it would have been nice.

IR Studio empty 2

On the soundcloud you’ll find the two recordings in middle position and near the backwall.

Have fun!



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