When you enter the old cottonfactory via the side entrance, you enter a big stairwell. Hardtiled, no soft carpet anywhere. As you can imagine, this is massive reverbant. The impulse responses here are recorded at different floors. At groundlevel, first floor and second floor. The reverb is activated at different position within the stairwell and thus has different responses. You’ll find that the second floor responses are more useable for distant sounds in your mix than sounds that need to be closer but also need that same tail of reverb. The recordings were made using two sets of microphones. Neumann KM84’s and a pair of LineAudio CM2. The latter are handmade by a small company in Sweden. These pencil-like microphones have a nice warm and transparant sound. Maybe even less colored than the KM84’s. Go listen for yourself which suits you best! Enjoy!

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