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Lazy sunday easy repair jobs

Lazy sunday easy repair jobs

While doing a show for live national tv the performing artist of residence (known as Danny Vera; professional  nice guy and artist) had troubles with his multipower supply of his guitar rig.

It turned out that the supply wouldn’t give any juice at all! To have a quick and dirty solution he jumped on a bike from a nearest new best friend 😉 to a musicstore to get a new powersupply. He came back, happy as one can be, with a new powersupply. “And..”, he said,” I also bought a new tuner because the old one died on me, too”. O.K. So now they’ve set you about 300 euros back, and he was about to throw his old ones away. Say what??

Now, you must know I’m not the kind of guy that thinks that if one thing stops working it’s completely useless, and I don’t believe that things  break down simultaniously for no reason. At a young age I learned from my dad that things that seem shut tight were once open. And if you can open it, you might as well take a peek inside 🙂  So, with that in mind, I offered to take a look at the multiple powersupply and the Polytuner. Why throw things away when they can be fixed and then be used as backup? And what else can you do on a lazy sunday? 🙂

That lazy sunday turned out to be today: I opened up both pieces of gear, had a quick look, did some tests, measured some voltages, got my solderinggun and pliers out, put on my this-is-quite-interesting-face and fixed both of ’em by looking mean at the inside! Easy repair, easy clean, easy fix. As a bonus, I wiped the casings clean. As I said; lazy sunday easy repair….

One happy camper this guy is! Now he’s got two working spare pieces of gear 😉 Now lets see how long it will last, though…

Cheers mate, you’re welcome!

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