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Machining the guitar neck on my DIY CNC

Machining the guitar neck on my DIY CNC

This week I had some spare time to finally machine the guitar neck. The neck is drawn in Autodesk Fusion360, in the same file as the guitar body. I will use some multiplex 36mm, this will not be the final product, but merely a test to see if the whole proces really comes together as planned.

At first, during the CAMproces, I could not generate a jobfile without collisions. When working on the backside the router would hit the stock at high speed, which in turn generates the dreaded ‘red lines’ in Fusion360. It turned out that the contour process in the frontjob was too tight. I found the option Roughing Passes; this ‘overcuts’ the contour by a given few millimeters. Just enough to clear the routerbit and not hitting the stock too fast when doing the backside.

I used the ‘dowel holes’ technique for flipping the part correctly. I tend to use 4 dowels instead of 2, since I feel there is less flexibility in the stock even though its on the scrapboard.

While doing the Face process on the rearside, I noticed my dustcollector got jammed, so I had to clean some dust from the stock manualy, not recommended though. The whole proces took about 1 hour and 20 minutes, front and back.

I made this little video with comments to show the process on my CNC.

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