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Nugen releases Visualizer 2

Nugen releases Visualizer 2

Nugen has updated their great analyzer tool Visualizer to a version 2.

The first major visual update is the possibility to create presets. These presets are easily accessible from a simple selection box with back and forward buttons to scroll through the presets quickly without having to choose from a list that is blocking the view on your meter. There is room forĀ 46 presets so you can create different setups for your personal needs.

A second thing that is most welcome is the quick maximize button right next to the analyzing tools. This allows you to quickly maximize a meter to full view. And back again ofcourse. Very nice indeed.

Ofcourse the possibility to completely resize the meter to a more decent size is still in plain sight.

Product: Nugen Visualizer 2

Cons: Lissajous takes up space on the top and bottom, which is a shame is when space on your screen is a concern.

Pros: Presets buttons work great without blocking your view on the meters. Also kudos for the maximize buttons right next to the single tools.

Price: 155 euro



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