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Shruti Instruments just awesome!

Shruti Instruments just awesome!

The moment I saw this I thought:”THIS I’ve got to build!”. It’s so simple and yet so well thought-out: a real 8bit synth made from a ATMEL ATmega644 and a few discrete components for the filtering. All cramped onto a simple and well constructed circuit board. And the sounds it produces is just awesome. In my TODO list the next best thing (besides getting filthy rich somehow 😉 is this fantastic small thingie.

The website has lots of information, and not only about their synth as a instrument. It’s aim is to be unique they tend to be so because they also aim at the DIY community. The full specs, circuitdesigns, software are available for download. And for the somewhat ‘easier going’ people among us, they offer to sell you a kit which has all the parts in it. They also have a complete soldering guide at hand, how’s that for service!

Take a look at and be sure to check the audios.

Which also was inspiring for my Commodore 64 synth project. More on that later.

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