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Stretch to the max with Paul

Stretch to the max with Paul

Ever feel the need to stretch out? Something like a few BILLION years? You can! With this little freebie Paul Stretch FX.

With this fantastic little program it is a breeze to stretch your audio as long as you like. The results are stunning; it gives a total new perspective on audio as it creeps along in a very slow pace. Have a listen to this sound stretch of the windows 95 sound on YouTube: Windows 95 stretch.


It is great for sound design and creating exciting new sounds. Especially when you use your own music to stretch out. The stretch does not pitch the audio accordingly but leaves it steady at its own original pitch. It uses FFT and other techniques to seamlessly create the effect.




The software also has some nice extra options. It offers an octaver to pitch the audio in octaves to create a extra low end or to give you an extra sparkle in the higher frequencies. Also it has te ability to adapt some parameters over time.

You can download it here. As this software comes free of charge it already is one of my favourite sounddesigntools already, what a great job!

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